April 2, 2010

FM Radio Stations’ Service in the Contiguous United States

This assignment started with a map/processing sketch created by Nick and his fellow NYT R&D lab chum, Mike. It starts with an image of a map and then plots latitude and longitude points over top. Our assignment was to do something with this and a different data set.

So, the title of my version says it all… Except, of course, it doesn’t touch on the saga of how I got to this final version. I started out with a giant dataset from the FCC that includes the latitude and longitude for all the FM radio towers in the US and then includes 360 pairs of coordinates for the service contours for each station. (Basically, the coordinates draw a circle around each broadcast point.) This file was about 300mb+ in size. So, I decided the best thing to do would be to write a processing sketch to parse the data and just pull out the info I needed. I limited the contour to just the station lat/long and the lat/long of the N contour. (since the map of the US I am using is so small, it really made no sense to go for the contour–where a circle would work as well.) So, I did that and got a nice tidy smaller data set and created a map. And while I was working on the sketch, I just used the first 1000 lines of data– which made a really lovely map. Then, of course, when I tried to use the full dataset, it was a mess. 30,000 lines of data does not look pretty all at once.

November 30, 2008

spooky slots (the buttons in action)

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Here is a video of the spooky slots in action, complete with candy-dispensing skull, teeny-tiny coffin, and spider buttons:

November 12, 2008

spooky slots (pretty pictures et al)

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slot machineā€¦ full view finishedOnce installed in the ITP hallway, our spooky slots attracted a lot of attention. (Yes, it really does help when candy is involved.) And, best of all, Hall of the Mountain King was getting hummed unconsciously by a lot of people. We successfully added some Halloween spirit to the floor!