September 28, 2010

zomspot v2

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So, for this week, I created a second version of my zomspot page– this time a user can email an image (from a phone or what-have-you) and it will appear online in my infographic.

September 16, 2009

Recontextualize what?

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For my first Frame by Frame assignment, I felt like making something (sewing yay!). So I pulled out the amazing faux metal floor pvc I’ve been holding onto for … um, about 9 years and made a corset out of it. Why? Well, the corsets I make are recontextualized by their very nature. The corset was a restrictive undergarment, a form of control, certainly a taboo subject to discuss. And in this case, I’ve flipped those concepts on their heads–my corset is intended to incite comment, be worn on the outside, and flaunted. And of course, it’s made out of non-traditional materials (pvc, poly-pro webbing, plastic zipper, etc.).


July 5, 2009

capturing the city: stevie

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For our first (out-of-class) assignment, I took photographs of Stevie, a person I met for the first time in order to do this assignment. From the pictures, it should be pretty obvious what he does in NYC…

June 30, 2009

in-class photo fun

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For the first in-class assignment, we all went out with ITP cameras (which was an interesting challenge– trying to figure out all the settings on an unfamiliar camera at dusk) and took shots of the city. These are not the exact photos I showed in class… we had only a little time to pick the 10 best shots we were going to show, so this post has a more thoughtful edit… and only 8 pictures.

May 19, 2009

missed connections (are you scared of birds or something?)

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For the first assignment in my Video for New Media class, Riley and I took a walk to McCarren park today.

This blog does not scale well with pictures, so for dramatic effect, click here.

April 30, 2009

the animal final (here kitty)

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riley hatFor my final project, I started with the idea of doing a photoshoot of myself in Victorian garb wearing my parrot, Riley, as a hat or as part of a hat. I planned on using a couple of these photos as illustrations for a story I would write. So, I made a hat with his molted flight and tail feathers, lots of ribbon, flowers, and fake butterflies. During the shoot, my cat wandered by and joined in– becoming a cat-stole. (more…)