June 24, 2009

the final… more jitter fun

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For my VFNM final, I decided to play around with the chromakey component in Jitter. I created a video that condenses one evening out clubbing into about 5 minutes. So, in the Jitter patch, I used a web cam to grab live video of the people viewing my piece (flipped it horizontally, so it was more like a mirror), then chromakeyed that live video. Wherever the colors in the audience matched, the clubbing video showed through. The idea was that the audience was revealing their inner club kid. Most interestingly, the more people crowded together, the better the clubbing video could be seen. This created a strange intimacy vs. crowd dynamic to the piece.


June 15, 2009

Playing with Jitter

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My first Jitter patch turned my laptop into a virtual Riley. I took a video of Riley running around his cage talking to himself (of course I edited the audio a bit to take out the gaps so he would have uninterrupted chatter). Then the patch plays the video with no audio until it gets input from the microphone, then it plays audio… the effect? Riley starts talking if you talk. Just like real life.