March 22, 2010

aly’s eyes (in the style of the feltron report)

For this assignment, I made an info graphic about data I collected during the previous weeks– all about my eyes. The inspiration for this infographic is the amazing work of Nicholas Felton (who was a super guest lecturer, by the bye. Completely, utterly obsessive in a fabulous way which is evident in his feltron report series. When I asked him what he has planned for the 10th year of this, he has a book in mind. What an awesome body of design work! I really admire his aesthetic.)

Here’s the PDF of 7 Days through Aly’s Eyes.

February 26, 2010

6 days with Peiyu

For the first half of this assignment, we were tasked with keeping track of every place that we go for a week. To make this a little easier, Nick suggested we use the mobile phone app called foursquare. So, I set up an account and checked in for a week. Of course, I managed to forget to check myself in home when I got home (so I think the data looks like I stayed out very very late all week long).

So, onto the second part of the assignment. In class, we emailed links of the rss data to the person sitting on our right and have to create a map-based info graphic about his/her week. So, I got data from Peiyu Liu and decided to mimic his design style in the graphic that I created. He has a really lovely and distinct design sense, so it was pretty easy to make something that looks like his work. (Of course, I checked out his blog to get ideas from his first info graphic… and from the blog itself)

And so, here’s a link to the pdf of my info graphic mapping of his week.

February 7, 2010

commuting info graphic

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The second part of this assignment was to use the data from the photos taken last week to create an info graphic. The idea was to start out in black and white in Illustrator to make sure that the data is represented clearly and then maybe fancify from there. To that end, I have a preliminary version (all black and white) and a more colorful version that uses a subway map as a background.

The PDF shows the final version as well as the preliminary version.

December 10, 2009

Doomblog or Splatterblog

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For my final project of my Visual Communications class, I reskinned this fab pink and skully blog of doom. CSS is magic and to see it work, I’ve added a link to the bottom of the page now you can click for “more inky, less pink” or “more skulls, more pink.”


Clicky! More inky, less pink.
More skulls, more pink.

November 24, 2009

Infographics: hungry hungry kitties

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gimmiedinnerThis week’s assignment to create an infographic was inspired by my kitties’ appetites. I decided to illustrate the following statistic: how many dollars I’ve spent on cat food since I got my stripy boys in 2001. The grand total (extrapolated from actual data on my expenses from the last few years) is $4,824. They are hungry indeed.

November 15, 2009

less anarchistic pink, more messy ink

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blog_reskin_messyinkAs I have started playing around with a new design for a portfolio web site, I have decided to come up with a skin for this blog. At some point, I am going to want to use this as a portfolio and it probably should be a little less silly. Of course I’ll archive it, because I LOVE (luff, <3) this design. Or, I suppose in the end, I can replace the current invisible rooster with the blog or build a new site or whatever. Gosh, I didn’t even try out my rooster friend in ink spatter style, I’ll bet he’ll be spiffy. Of course, all that is mostly an archive itself. Alas.


November 8, 2009

color fun

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Picture 7This week is all about color. First I took the Munsell Hue Test and got a perfect score. Nice! Apparently this is fabulous for my age. HA. It did make my eyes feel a bit funny, but anything to do with color and a monitor seems to do that.

For the next piece, I created a simple example of how color looks different depending on what other color surrounds it. The two inner blocks are actually the same color. Because one surrounding color is darker, the inner color looks brighter and vice versa. But then I decided that was ridiculously boring and used the same idea on a more fun subject: sneaky stripes. Are the stripes the same color? Hector and Lucius will never tell. (more…)

October 25, 2009

itp logo design

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For this week’s assignment, I designed a logo for ITP… or at least, worked on designing a logo. My first and second ideas were my favorites… it just got a bit less clear from there, but that’s how all this design stuff works. Play around until something clicks. It will be really interesting to see what other people came up with!

October 18, 2009

logo design: wolff olins

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London 2012The assignment this week was to research a logo designer and present this person’s work to class. I’m sure we were supposed to choose a designer whose work we liked, but somehow, I ended up choosing a logo designer (or two) whose work I most react to. It all started with the London 2012 logo. Of all the images that we have looked at in class, this one stick in my mind the most. And this made me wonder. Despite the fact that the word I most associate with the logo is “hideous” had the designer somehow tricked my brain and won? I think it’s possible. (more…)

October 11, 2009

business card of business

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For this Visual Communications assignment, I designed myself a business card. I decided to do one just with my name, email and phone number rather than a new Invisible Rooster card since I haven’t much felt like hawking my sewing wares lately. Here it is in full PDF glory, complete with crop and bleed marks. (Imagine it’s smaller… cut to the inner lines and that’s what it’ll look like printed.) For class I have printed out a bunch of them and sliced them up appropriately. And it only took two tries to get them right… sigh. Front and back printing failed (they were 1/8″ off darnit) so, I taped the fronts and backs together. Classy.