March 4, 2012

Most annoying animation ever… just like the real thing

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after the break, for the sake of sanity–what happens when I visit a real animation studio and see how the pros do it. um. yeah, sorry pros… whatever, annoying looping teeny tiny animations can be fun.

April 19, 2011

The Walk

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The Walk from Aly Wolff-Mills on Vimeo.

April 7, 2011

for the book: The Walk

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An animated story of a walk through a Dickens-esque London street at midnight—where 19th Century literature meets pre-dawn adventure.

The Walk is an animation of a short story I wrote about a walk through a Dickens-esque London street at midnight and is inspired by three distinct sources: 19th century literature, my life as a club kid in London, and a variety of creepy and adorable web comics. The story draws from the style of 19th century novels—particularly Oliver Twist and Hardtimes. The graphic style borrows heavily from 19th century illustrators, Phiz and Sir John Tenniel. More modern inspiration for the piece comes from the drawings of Tim Burton and Edward Gorey, and the web comics Saladfingers and Strindberg and Helium.

The night was as dark as a night could possibly get.

Keep time with me upon my dusty shore.

Alone down a narrow lane.

Animation, After Effects, Short Story

February 23, 2011

animation test

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Here is a quick test for the style of my project:

(and since the animated gif loops forever, it’s after the break to preserve sanity)

March 7, 2010

the Commute

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For my Giant Stories/Tiny Screens midterm, we were taxed with creating a video using Korsakow–an opensource software program that can be used to create non-linear videos. The idea is to make small narrative units that can be randomly (or somewhat less randomly) pieced together. A viewer is presented with a main clip and then he or she can choose the next clip from a variety of options. The author assigns keywords to the clips that define the order (or groups) in which they are presented.


February 9, 2010

alice in soundland

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This assignment is all about sound– we were all given the same 2:17 soundtrack and had to create a video to go with it. So as not to lose my After Effects skills, I decided to animate this one. And… since the soundtrack is a bit eclectic, I decided to revisit the Tenniel Alice Illustrations.

Amazing what can be accomplished in less than a week!

Alice from Aly Wolff-Mills on Vimeo.

December 14, 2009

The Rooster and the Rollerskate

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fridge_roosterHere’s my final animation for my Frame by Frame class. It’s about a rooster with no feet inspired by a page from a coloring book that has been on my fridge for the past two years (see the photo to the left). I needed to tell his story.

So I drew the rooster in Illustrator and animated him using After Effects (which was lots of fun) and went crazy editing sound effects too. I read a bunch of Aesop’s fables to get me in the right mindset and really, this moral is based on the story of the chicken and the jewel.

The Rooster and the Rollerskate from Aly Wolff-Mills on Vimeo.

November 8, 2009

Our Lady of WWI

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movie_thumbnailThis animation is an imaginative re-edit of a movie from WWI filmed by the US Army under service conditions in France. The original movie tells the story of American involvement in the war. It presents a heroic and idealized version of events–the allies are heroic, the Americans save the day. Despite the patriotic tone, I found the footage to be very sad. The loss of life in this war was enormous and seeing some of these men in a moving image was startling to me.

October 6, 2009

Jabberwocky Redux

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So here’s my first animation for Frame by Frame. It’s more recontextualization– this time I rewrote some of Lewis Carroll’s Jabberwocky poem and animated the Tenniel illustrations to go along with it. Through the Looking Glass is so darn creepy, I’m not sure I really  made a significant change there. Actually, in my mind, it’s a little less scary now. The Jabberwocky certainly scared me when I was little…

Jabberwocky Redux from Aly Wolff-Mills on Vimeo.