December 5, 2010

final project: ZomShot

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So, for my final project, I did indeed create a zombie photo application for Android (developed natively). A user clicks on the ZomShot icon (pictured on the left) and an instance of the Android camera opens. He/she takes a photo and clicks ok and is taken to the first screen in my app where there are four buttons to choose from: decay, goo, blob, and mud. Selecting one of these options applies a filter to the image which is displayed on the second screen. Here the user can either use the back button to choose a different filter, click the save button to save the zombified image, or click the camera button to take another picture. (more…)

November 14, 2010

final project idea: fun with the android camera

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For my final project, I’ve decided to work on building an app native to android. I’d like to play around with the camera and create an app that will allow users to add (zombie?) fanciness to photos they take with their phone. As I am still quite a novice with android development, I have been thinking about this project with several possible phases– so that I can actually build SOMETHING and then improve upon it. (more…)

October 31, 2010

Hello Zomdroid SMS

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For this week’s exercise, I added sms to my hello zomdroid project from last week. Now if you click on one of the kitty buttons, it will open up the SMS component of the phone and a user can send an sms message. The animated gif on the left shows what it looks like now.

October 25, 2010

Hello Zomdroid

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For this little exercise in making android apps, I decided to use my zomkitty icons. So, I used them to make graphic buttons and then changed the background color of the app. Also, thanks to the example on the android developers page, I also played with toast and made the button/kitty press display a little message. Neat. Also, I created a color resource file and finally found the right syntax to use in java vs. xml. No sorry feat that. Especially exciting was the setBackgroundColor vs. setBackgroundResource debacle. setBackgroundColor requires Color.rgb(0,0,0) format and setBackgroundResource uses R.color.colorname. I don’t even want to explain how much googling it took to get that right.

The extra awesome animated gif is on the left. (the bgcolor starts as dk grey, by the bye) Pretend there’s a mouse in there clicking on the kitties, and you’ll get the idea.