December 14, 2009

The Rooster and the Rollerskate

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fridge_roosterHere’s my final animation for my Frame by Frame class. It’s about a rooster with no feet inspired by a page from a coloring book that has been on my fridge for the past two years (see the photo to the left). I needed to tell his story.

So I drew the rooster in Illustrator and animated him using After Effects (which was lots of fun) and went crazy editing sound effects too. I read a bunch of Aesop’s fables to get me in the right mindset and really, this moral is based on the story of the chicken and the jewel.

The Rooster and the Rollerskate from Aly Wolff-Mills on Vimeo.

November 8, 2009

Our Lady of WWI

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movie_thumbnailThis animation is an imaginative re-edit of a movie from WWI filmed by the US Army under service conditions in France. The original movie tells the story of American involvement in the war. It presents a heroic and idealized version of events–the allies are heroic, the Americans save the day. Despite the patriotic tone, I found the footage to be very sad. The loss of life in this war was enormous and seeing some of these men in a moving image was startling to me.

October 6, 2009

Jabberwocky Redux

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So here’s my first animation for Frame by Frame. It’s more recontextualization– this time I rewrote some of Lewis Carroll’s Jabberwocky poem and animated the Tenniel illustrations to go along with it. Through the Looking Glass is so darn creepy, I’m not sure I really¬† made a significant change there. Actually, in my mind, it’s a little less scary now. The Jabberwocky certainly scared me when I was little…

Jabberwocky Redux from Aly Wolff-Mills on Vimeo.

September 16, 2009

Recontextualize what?

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For my first Frame by Frame assignment, I felt like making something (sewing yay!). So I pulled out the amazing faux metal floor pvc I’ve been holding onto for … um, about 9 years and made a corset out of it. Why? Well, the corsets I make are recontextualized by their very nature. The corset was a restrictive undergarment, a form of control, certainly a taboo subject to discuss. And in this case, I’ve flipped those concepts on their heads–my corset is intended to incite comment, be worn on the outside, and flaunted. And of course, it’s made out of non-traditional materials (pvc, poly-pro webbing, plastic zipper, etc.).