January 25, 2010

updated madlib

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So, amazingly enough, I updated the madlib I made back in April. This is mostly amazing because I haven’t touched AS3 since then… but actually the code part was easy. The tricky part was about 20 min of unnecessary debugging because I forgot about how the flashplayer project preview window has its own keyboard shortcuts that when not disabled interfere with any events assigned to the enter key in the .as file. doh. Anyway, now the madlib can be replayed and there are a variety of stories that are picked at random. It’s much better!

April 3, 2009

Flash final (madlib!)

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For my Flash final, I made a lovely madlib.

February 27, 2009

Flash homework 3

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This week’s homework involves using Flash and XML. Since this was my first ever foray into the realm of XML, I decided to try to come up with some practical use for it (instead of just a list categorizing my pets or something… sorry Riley, you are not the subject matter this week)

So, I decided to use the web site I built for my mom’s business and dynamically generated an XML file from her mySQL database. (This was also the first time I’ve used php to generate XML, so it was interesting seeing how that works) I decided to create a gallery, so the XML file organizes the items in her database as:

<collection><garment id=”” type=”” title=”” subtitle=”” image1=”” ></garment></collection>

This gives me enough information to display  a gallery that shows an image of each garment with its title and subtitle. I also created a link to her website for each corresponding item (I could create the link using the id and type information)

And so, voila, the JWMFibers image gallery.

February 11, 2009

flash homework 2

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Riley is still awesome and this time he’s hungry. Click on the image below to see the flash page in all its yummy glory.
riley eats food, or does he?

February 3, 2009

Flash homework 1

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Riley is awesome. Therefore he is the perfect subject for a flash animation. Of course, it helps that I made this drawing for another class. Hurray for multitasking.

Click on the image below to visit the page-o-flash.

riley loves flash