February 2, 2011

Thesis Statement

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I intend to animate a short story I wrote about a walk through a Dickens-esque London street at midnight. I’d like to animate using found and archival footage as well as some hand-drawn resources. The aesthetic will be dark and Victorian but the ending will be a surprising contrast.


November 2, 2010

book book book

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3 more… (and yes, I’m sure I’m forgetting some…)

The Sun Also Rises – protagonist(s) exist (rather dashingly) in a world that seems to have little bearing on reality (where oh where do they get the money to live? and DRINK quite that much?)

Babbitt – protagonist exists in a world that seems to have little bearing on reality (social climbing hypocrisy hilarity e.g.) also, copious amounts of alcohol for prohibition; plot closely follows the ups and downs of protagonist’s social climbing/falling; all about community and invented social ties

In the Land of Invented Languages – all about community and how language shapes it and creates social ties

August 27, 2010

more books…

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Managed to completely skip recording a few books… whoops…

most recent I can recall: Barnaby Rudge –> Cognitive Surplus –> Sweet Thursday (and a ton of other steinbeck: wayward bus, winter of our discontent…)

Okay, not too hard to find a thread…

Sweet Thursday: Free time leads to strange new (but not really new) human behavior and schemes…

Cognitive Surplus: Free time leads to strange new (but not really new) human behavior and action… more than ever individuals take part in group action (online)

Barnaby Rudge: Gordon riot (group action overwhelms individual action)

May 7, 2010

the reading list game

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I can’t believe that I stopped keeping track of my reading list– I just went back and realized that I completely forgot I read The Idiot and Felix Holt… wow… I even just checked out Barnaby Rudge knowing full well that I *have* read it while simultaneously having no idea what it’s about. Time for a re-read. So, starting over, newest to oldest I can figure out (apparently ulysses has rewritten my neural book-memory pathways and now my rather tangential brain is stuck in free-form tangent-land):

Money in the Bank, P. G. Wodehouse- features plotting and scheming (for sexual/monetary gain)  non-traditional couple; makes fun of vegetarianism

Ulysses, James Joyce- features plotting and scheming (for sexual gain) non-traditional couple; celebrates kidney-eating; encounters with devilish mythic creatures; adventure through confused cityscape (brainscape?)

Boneshaker, Cherie Priest – encounters with devilish mythic creatures (zombies!); adventure through confused cityscape; alternative history; science and technology revered (feared? zombies!!);

Anathem, Neal Stephenson – alternative reality; science and technology revered; intelligentsia (main characters) separated (physically) from mainstream culture; super adventure/mystery

Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Stieg Larsson – intelligentsia (heroine) separated (mentally/physically) from mainstream culture; super adventure/mystery

September 28, 2008

six degrees of separation

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So I just finished Here Comes Everybody for class and failed to include that in my reading list game. And though I’m only about a hundred pages into Cryptonomicon, I’m having trouble figuring out its connection to Felix Holt. Except, then it dawned on me: Here Comes Everybody talks about the power of groups and organizing and mobs and politics. And so too  does Felix Holt. And then… practically everything in Cryptonomicon relates to Here Comes Everybody. Finding things that are not similar would probably be a challenge. (so this reading list game is really just another example of the small world theory in Here Comes Everybody… interesting that human creative output and human ideas mirror our social interactions… or am I just a highly connecting reader?)

The list: (redux) (more…)

September 23, 2008

new book

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This is a fun game. I am beginning to think there are no odd coincidences, just a particular talent on my end to find a thread.

The list (newest to oldest):

Cryptonomicon, Neal Stephenson

Felix Holt, the Radical, George Eliot; in depth description of property transfer laws concerning the protagonist

The Cornerstone, Zoe Oldenbourg; in depth description of property transfer laws concerning the protagonist; in depth chivalrous relations between protagonist and female love interest leading to physical illness;

The Idiot, Doestoyevski –protagonist neo-Jesus; chivalrous relations between protagonist and female love interest leading to physical illness

Choke, Chuck Palahnuik –protagonist neo-Jesus

September 7, 2008

the mysterious nature of literature

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I have noticed the somewhat creepy tendency of my random reading choices to share a major theme with whatever I read right before it. And this is not just because I am reading 19th century English lit back to back (though I do love it, my reading tends to be a little more diverse).

The first time I really noticed it I read Haruki Murakami’s Wind Up Bird Chronicles (modern popular Japanese fiction) after Mirbeau’s The Torture Garden. The major theme in common? Each book has an in-depth description of a person being skinned alive. Ouch. (more…)