March 3, 2011

the story…

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In all its rewritten glory:

The Walk

The night was as dark as a night could possibly get, the clock having yet to strike the quarter hour to midnight and frighten along the muffled and bonneted celestial wanderer whose trailing mantle blocked out the light which might otherwise have penetrated London’s perpetual gloom. Though winter’s bony grasp had long been shaken loose by the breath of spring flitting down the city’s twisted byways, a figure striding alone down a narrow lane shrugged her shoulders and clenched the collar of her cloak more tightly around her throat. Her quick steps broke the stillness of the night and she darted a look over her shoulder as she walked, being given to flights of fancy she felt she was watched. Her grip tightened on the bottle she held and she quickened her pace despite the protestations of the leviathans of fashion encircling her waist giving no quarter to her breathing.