February 23, 2011

animation test

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Here is a quick test for the style of my project:

(and since the animated gif loops forever, it’s after the break to preserve sanity)

February 2, 2011

Thesis Statement

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I intend to animate a short story I wrote about a walk through a Dickens-esque London street at midnight. I’d like to animate using found and archival footage as well as some hand-drawn resources. The aesthetic will be dark and Victorian but the ending will be a surprising contrast.


February 1, 2011

Time for Thesis

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This is the category on my blog where all the info about my thesis will live…

As the wind howled relentlessly around me yesterday eve, I trudged my way from my office to the subway and was horrified to discover that I had no wondrous tome in which to bury my nose and transport myself away from the despairing depths of public transport. Alas. So, with reckless abandon, I threw myself at the feet of that great goddess of wisdom and knowledge (and little things that blink and beep) and resolved to simultaneously download a book on my phone while battling the Great Elements. Whereupon, I found great success and succor and downloaded no less than TWO within as many paces.

In short, I have started my thesis work by reading A Christmas Carol (2nd time around) and then maybe Oliver Twist (3rd time?) and then maybe that great unfinished bedevilry:  The Mystery of Edwin Drood (2nd reading?). Just to get in the mood, you know.