December 5, 2010

final project: ZomShot

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So, for my final project, I did indeed create a zombie photo application for Android (developed natively). A user clicks on the ZomShot icon (pictured on the left) and an instance of the Android camera opens. He/she takes a photo and clicks ok and is taken to the first screen in my app where there are four buttons to choose from: decay, goo, blob, and mud. Selecting one of these options applies a filter to the image which is displayed on the second screen. Here the user can either use the back button to choose a different filter, click the save button to save the zombified image, or click the camera button to take another picture.

I worked on a few other things to make the app perform better– I made the two app views portrait by default (turning the app horizontally was causing problems), I made the app save the zombified images to a zombie folder on the SD card (it checks to see if the folder exists, saves it there if it does or creates the folder). Also, I worked the usage flow– making sure that all actions make sense and behave as I intend. To that end, the application closes if a user presses cancel in the camera instance and the back button can be used to try a different filter on an image.

The images in the gallery below show the steps through the application as well as some nifty photos I’ve taken with ZomShot.

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