October 31, 2010

Hello Zomdroid SMS

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For this week’s exercise, I added sms to my hello zomdroid project from last week. Now if you click on one of the kitty buttons, it will open up the SMS component of the phone and a user can send an sms message. The animated gif on the left shows what it looks like now.

October 25, 2010

Hello Zomdroid

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For this little exercise in making android apps, I decided to use my zomkitty icons. So, I used them to make graphic buttons and then changed the background color of the app. Also, thanks to the example on the android developers page, I also played with toast and made the button/kitty press display a little message. Neat. Also, I created a color resource file and finally found the right syntax to use in java vs. xml. No sorry feat that. Especially exciting was the setBackgroundColor vs. setBackgroundResource debacle. setBackgroundColor requires Color.rgb(0,0,0) format and setBackgroundResource uses R.color.colorname. I don’t even want to explain how much googling it took to get that right.

The extra awesome animated gif is on the left. (the bgcolor starts as dk grey, by the bye) Pretend there’s a mouse in there clicking on the kitties, and you’ll get the idea.

October 10, 2010

zomspot v3 (part 2)

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Starting page | Map page | Form page

So, for our midterm, I updated my zomspot map so that it now shows a marker in the location that a zombie sighting was reported using the javascript geolocation function. I created a form that grabs the latitude and longitude from a user (it will work from either a browser or iphone/android phone… doesn’t seem to work with my blackberry) and then allows the user to report the number of zombies and the type. On submit, that info goes into a database and the user is directed to the map page, which shows a data visualization of all submissions.


October 5, 2010

zomspot v3

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For our midterm assignment, I’ve decided to keep on my zomspotting theme. And will also be teaming up with Rohit.

We’re going to do a mobile web version of zomspot. Users will initially get a choice to “zomspot” which will take them to an input screen or they can choose “zomhunt” which will take them to a map of spotted zombies. The input form will allow them to report how many zombies they see and of what type (man, woman, boy, girl, etc.). And it will also grab their latitude and longitude. All of this data will go into a mySQL database. The zomhunt page will have the same map of the US that I created for versions 1 & 2, but this time the sightings will be plotted at the correct location on the map. Each sighting will be marked with a pin and on mouseover, will reveal more graphic info about the sighting.

I am beginning to think that a game lurks somewhere below the surface here. It will be interesting to see what else I can come up with as this project evolves.