May 7, 2010

the reading list game

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I can’t believe that I stopped keeping track of my reading list– I just went back and realized that I completely forgot I read The Idiot and Felix Holt… wow… I even just checked out Barnaby Rudge knowing full well that I *have* read it while simultaneously having no idea what it’s about. Time for a re-read. So, starting over, newest to oldest I can figure out (apparently ulysses has rewritten my neural book-memory pathways and now my rather tangential brain is stuck in free-form tangent-land):

Money in the Bank, P. G. Wodehouse- features plotting and scheming (for sexual/monetary gain)  non-traditional couple; makes fun of vegetarianism

Ulysses, James Joyce- features plotting and scheming (for sexual gain) non-traditional couple; celebrates kidney-eating; encounters with devilish mythic creatures; adventure through confused cityscape (brainscape?)

Boneshaker, Cherie Priest – encounters with devilish mythic creatures (zombies!); adventure through confused cityscape; alternative history; science and technology revered (feared? zombies!!);

Anathem, Neal Stephenson – alternative reality; science and technology revered; intelligentsia (main characters) separated (physically) from mainstream culture; super adventure/mystery

Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Stieg Larsson – intelligentsia (heroine) separated (mentally/physically) from mainstream culture; super adventure/mystery