March 30, 2010

A Call for Help

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The title of this assignment is “Remix.” And so, remix I did. I used footage from (really one of my favorite web sites) and mashed-up a few public service announcements from the 40s with Night of the Living Dead.

So very very much fun to do! In fact, I feel like I might have a knack for this kind of nonsense and will probably make some more things like it. (Zombies!!)

A Call for Help from Aly Wolff-Mills on Vimeo.

March 22, 2010

aly’s eyes (in the style of the feltron report)

For this assignment, I made an info graphic about data I collected during the previous weeks– all about my eyes. The inspiration for this infographic is the amazing work of Nicholas Felton (who was a super guest lecturer, by the bye. Completely, utterly obsessive in a fabulous way which is evident in his feltron report series. When I asked him what he has planned for the 10th year of this, he has a book in mind. What an awesome body of design work! I really admire his aesthetic.)

Here’s the PDF of 7 Days through Aly’s Eyes.

March 7, 2010

the Commute

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For my Giant Stories/Tiny Screens midterm, we were taxed with creating a video using Korsakow–an opensource software program that can be used to create non-linear videos. The idea is to make small narrative units that can be randomly (or somewhat less randomly) pieced together. A viewer is presented with a main clip and then he or she can choose the next clip from a variety of options. The author assigns keywords to the clips that define the order (or groups) in which they are presented.