February 26, 2010

6 days with Peiyu

For the first half of this assignment, we were tasked with keeping track of every place that we go for a week. To make this a little easier, Nick suggested we use the mobile phone app called foursquare. So, I set up an account and checked in for a week. Of course, I managed to forget to check myself in home when I got home (so I think the data looks like I stayed out very very late all week long).

So, onto the second part of the assignment. In class, we emailed links of the rss data to the person sitting on our right and have to create a map-based info graphic about his/her week. So, I got data from Peiyu Liu and decided to mimic his design style in the graphic that I created. He has a really lovely and distinct design sense, so it was pretty easy to make something that looks like his work. (Of course, I checked out his blog to get ideas from his first info graphic… and from the blog itself)

And so, here’s a link to the pdf of my info graphic mapping of his week.

February 9, 2010

alice in soundland

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This assignment is all about sound– we were all given the same 2:17 soundtrack and had to create a video to go with it. So as not to lose my After Effects skills, I decided to animate this one. And… since the soundtrack is a bit eclectic, I decided to revisit the Tenniel Alice Illustrations.

Amazing what can be accomplished in less than a week!

Alice from Aly Wolff-Mills on Vimeo.

February 7, 2010

commuting info graphic

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The second part of this assignment was to use the data from the photos taken last week to create an info graphic. The idea was to start out in black and white in Illustrator to make sure that the data is represented clearly and then maybe fancify from there. To that end, I have a preliminary version (all black and white) and a more colorful version that uses a subway map as a background.

The PDF shows the final version as well as the preliminary version.