December 14, 2009

The Rooster and the Rollerskate

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fridge_roosterHere’s my final animation for my Frame by Frame class. It’s about a rooster with no feet inspired by a page from a coloring book that has been on my fridge for the past two years (see the photo to the left). I needed to tell his story.

So I drew the rooster in Illustrator and animated him using After Effects (which was lots of fun) and went crazy editing sound effects too. I read a bunch of Aesop’s fables to get me in the right mindset and really, this moral is based on the story of the chicken and the jewel.

The Rooster and the Rollerskate from Aly Wolff-Mills on Vimeo.

December 10, 2009

Doomblog or Splatterblog

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For my final project of my Visual Communications class, I reskinned this fab pink and skully blog of doom. CSS is magic and to see it work, I’ve added a link to the bottom of the page now you can click for “more inky, less pink” or “more skulls, more pink.”


Clicky! More inky, less pink.
More skulls, more pink.