November 24, 2009

Infographics: hungry hungry kitties

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gimmiedinnerThis week’s assignment to create an infographic was inspired by my kitties’ appetites. I decided to illustrate the following statistic: how many dollars I’ve spent on cat food since I got my stripy boys in 2001. The grand total (extrapolated from actual data on my expenses from the last few years) is $4,824. They are hungry indeed.

November 15, 2009

less anarchistic pink, more messy ink

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blog_reskin_messyinkAs I have started playing around with a new design for a portfolio web site, I have decided to come up with a skin for this blog. At some point, I am going to want to use this as a portfolio and it probably should be a little less silly. Of course I’ll archive it, because I LOVE (luff, <3) this design. Or, I suppose in the end, I can replace the current invisible rooster with the blog or build a new site or whatever. Gosh, I didn’t even try out my rooster friend in ink spatter style, I’ll bet he’ll be spiffy. Of course, all that is mostly an archive itself. Alas.


November 8, 2009

Our Lady of WWI

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movie_thumbnailThis animation is an imaginative re-edit of a movie from WWI filmed by the US Army under service conditions in France. The original movie tells the story of American involvement in the war. It presents a heroic and idealized version of events–the allies are heroic, the Americans save the day. Despite the patriotic tone, I found the footage to be very sad. The loss of life in this war was enormous and seeing some of these men in a moving image was startling to me.

color fun

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Picture 7This week is all about color. First I took the Munsell Hue Test and got a perfect score. Nice! Apparently this is fabulous for my age. HA. It did make my eyes feel a bit funny, but anything to do with color and a monitor seems to do that.

For the next piece, I created a simple example of how color looks different depending on what other color surrounds it. The two inner blocks are actually the same color. Because one surrounding color is darker, the inner color looks brighter and vice versa. But then I decided that was ridiculously boring and used the same idea on a more fun subject: sneaky stripes. Are the stripes the same color? Hector and Lucius will never tell. (more…)