September 27, 2009

Bad Signs

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For this assignment, I took a walk in Manhattan and around where I live in Greenpoint. There are a heck of a lot of spectacularly un-designed awnings around.

ibiza_kidz1. Ibiza Kidz– This is not the most terrible example in the world, but something about it bothered me. First of all, their logo and the lettering on the awning actually look like they could belong to two separate shops. The cube uses a totally different front (looks like Papyrus) from the main logo which is some sort of fancy tooled font. And the letters in the cube are all oriented on the same horizontal line, which completely ruins the illusion that the text is printed on a 3D shape. Also, the color scheme seems weak. Perhaps the awning faded, but the green, blue and yellow all look too pastel next to the blue. Lastly, if the shop is called Ibiza, it seems a shame to have no reference to Spain or the Mediterranean (or raves?). (more…)

September 17, 2009

Site Analysis:

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For our first assignment in visual communications, I picked the site (one of my favorite shop-for-fun-stuff sites) to analyze for design success in terms of grid, colors, layout, typography, consistency and usability. [Click here for the site analysis PDF.] Happily, after a close examination, I would assert that the site is very successful.


September 16, 2009

Recontextualize what?

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For my first Frame by Frame assignment, I felt like making something (sewing yay!). So I pulled out the amazing faux metal floor pvc I’ve been holding onto for … um, about 9 years and made a corset out of it. Why? Well, the corsets I make are recontextualized by their very nature. The corset was a restrictive undergarment, a form of control, certainly a taboo subject to discuss. And in this case, I’ve flipped those concepts on their heads–my corset is intended to incite comment, be worn on the outside, and flaunted. And of course, it’s made out of non-traditional materials (pvc, poly-pro webbing, plastic zipper, etc.).