July 29, 2009

The (parrot) Maze of Doom

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This assignment was to create a performance art piece in public. I opted for an easy out and roped Paul and Chloe into helping. So, two people with birds on leashes and sidewalk chalk… yes, that simply *must* be performance art by default.

We were supposed to come up with a list of rules to constrain and direct our pieces… and somehow, mine turned into a list of ingredients instead. Of course, you’ll have to watch the video to find out what they are.

Parrot Maze from Aly Wolff-Mills on Vimeo.

July 19, 2009

Lost and Found (a little bit of public art)

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For my public art piece, I used the milk crate I found for inspiration– and decided the theme of the project would be lost and found. I took my milk crate to McCarren park (with Riley and a couple of freinds in tow) and set it out near a clear patch of sidewalk with some chalk. I put two signs on the milk crate that read: “what have you lost? what have you found? (in NYC) use a piece of chalk and draw it!”  Then we settled on the grass across the path from the milk crate and watched the art happen. Except of course, it didn’t. Not even a little bit.

So, we picked up the crate and chalk and moved to a new location. Where we encountered an awesome kid who wouldn’t stop drawing. His enthusiasm attracted more people and … voila… public art by the public. (in a very very small way… but none the less…)

I documented all the drawings and then took a walk around the park. When we came back there were at least four or five additions. So, we took off again… but alas, on our return, the crate and chalk were gone. Happily, the crate is bright yellow, and we found someone using it for a foot rest. (I also documented that.)

I got the crate back (after explaining to the guy that I wanted to make sure it didn’t get left in the park) and we departed happy in the knowledge that it only takes 4 hours to get sidewalk chalk stolen in NYC.

Here’s the video:

Lost and Found from Aly Wolff-Mills on Vimeo.

July 16, 2009

Public Art Project Proposal

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For the next assignment, my goal is to create a piece of public art that is inspired by or about a found object. And in my case, the object I found (prior to knowing the assignment, of course) is a milk crate. So. A milk crate.

I have decided to use the milk crate rather literally and use it as part of the structure of (rather than inspiration for) my piece. I am planning on doing a piece about drawing on the sidewalk. So far, the idea I like best is to have a series of picture frames drawn on the sidewalk, and I’ll fill one in. Then, I plan on leaving my chalk (probably with the cup bolted to the milk crate) next to a sign inviting other people to make sidewalk art. I figure I can do this on the sidewalk in McCarren park, which will get enough attention to have SOMETHING happen to the sidewalk. Hell, even if all the chalk is stolen, it’ll be interesting. But really, who CAN resist chalk? My wager: certainly no one in McCarren park.

At this point, I think this is a pretty fun rough idea and I’ll keep adding more details to it as I do it. (Of course, the class discussion today will probably help too.)

July 13, 2009

the abc’s of parrot-walking (in Greenpoint)

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The second assignment for the NYC Lab of Modern Life class was to create an audio tour of a part of the city inspired by the Janet Cardiff piece Her Long Black Hair. The audio is meant to overlay the real audio of the city while the listener walks the neighborhood in question.

For my project I picked Greenpoint, the neighborhood I live in, and draw a parallel between families and their kids, people and their dogs, and me and Riley. I wrote a children’s ABC style poem about the things that Riley and I saw while on our walk.

Here is the audio.

Or maybe here will download better.

July 5, 2009

capturing the city: stevie

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For our first (out-of-class) assignment, I took photographs of Stevie, a person I met for the first time in order to do this assignment. From the pictures, it should be pretty obvious what he does in NYC…