November 30, 2008

spooky slots (the buttons in action)

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Here is a video of the spooky slots in action, complete with candy-dispensing skull, teeny-tiny coffin, and spider buttons:

spooky slots (the animation in action)

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Here are a few examples of the processing animation in action. A few things to note: the frog sound starts the game because the physical start button was a squishy frog. The “boing” sounds correspond to the spider tiles that appear on reels one, three, and five (from left to right). When a player gets all three spiders, the bonus spider game appears. Each character on a tile has its own winning animation and sound.

Here is an example of winning lines with witches and skulls:
witch_skull win

November 20, 2008

the saga of the 5940tn daisy chain

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Our first foray into daisy chaining the Texas Instruments TLC5940tn led driver and using the arduino library ( was unsuccessful. The LEDs from the first chip worked correctly, but the second half of the LEDs on the second chip stayed solidly on and the first four LEDs lit up in a pattern paralleling the first chip. After much troubleshooting (we tested the chip, the LEDs, the wires, the code) we met with Tom who gave us a quick tutorial on Arduino libraries. As it turns out, our wiring and hardware was all fine. This library uses a variable for the number of TLC chips that is defined in the config file and must be changed there (the same erratic behavior described above still happens if the particular variable is redefined in the regular code). AND when the config  file is edited, the file in the library with the .o extension must be deleted for the change to be effective which is the step we were missing.

And so, without further explanation, our three chips daisychained:

November 12, 2008

spooky slots (pretty pictures et al)

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slot machine… full view finishedOnce installed in the ITP hallway, our spooky slots attracted a lot of attention. (Yes, it really does help when candy is involved.) And, best of all, Hall of the Mountain King was getting hummed unconsciously by a lot of people. We successfully added some Halloween spirit to the floor!