September 29, 2008

jack-o-lantern (servo lab cont’d)

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finished pumpkinSo, I decided on my creative endeavor for the servo lab. I am making a jack-o-lantern in September. But it will be October in another day or two, so really it’s not too unseasonal. And yes, I am the sort of person that has spooooky stuff in my house year round. (more…)

September 28, 2008

six degrees of separation

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So I just finished Here Comes Everybody for class and failed to include that in my reading list game. And though I’m only about a hundred pages into Cryptonomicon, I’m having trouble figuring out its connection to Felix Holt. Except, then it dawned on me: Here Comes Everybody talks about the power of groups and organizing and mobs and politics. And so too  does Felix Holt. And then… practically everything in Cryptonomicon relates to Here Comes Everybody. Finding things that are not similar would probably be a challenge. (so this reading list game is really just another example of the small world theory in Here Comes Everybody… interesting that human creative output and human ideas mirror our social interactions… or am I just a highly connecting reader?)

The list: (redux) (more…)

servo lab (week 4) and then some spooky plans

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servo with pot 1I used a potentiometer with the servo motor and set up the lab so that the turn of the knob turns the motor. I used the knob servo example included in arduino 12. Very easy with the included library.

September 23, 2008

electronics lab

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Week 3

electronics part 1I did the labs and everything but the amperage seems to match up as expected.  For the first part, I used a 5V power supply as I do not have a 12V one on hand(so I took the voltage regulator out of the breadboard). I measured the voltage and it comes out to a little over 5V(about 5.08).  The resistor measures 3.29V and 1.79V for the LED. Interestingly, this adds up to exactly 5.08. I was expecting it to be slightly lower.

new book

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This is a fun game. I am beginning to think there are no odd coincidences, just a particular talent on my end to find a thread.

The list (newest to oldest):

Cryptonomicon, Neal Stephenson

Felix Holt, the Radical, George Eliot; in depth description of property transfer laws concerning the protagonist

The Cornerstone, Zoe Oldenbourg; in depth description of property transfer laws concerning the protagonist; in depth chivalrous relations between protagonist and female love interest leading to physical illness;

The Idiot, Doestoyevski –protagonist neo-Jesus; chivalrous relations between protagonist and female love interest leading to physical illness

Choke, Chuck Palahnuik –protagonist neo-Jesus

September 16, 2008

for the love of coffee (love-o-meter part 2)

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Coffee View 2
So. Lots more troubleshooting on my home pc– finally got the arduino software running again! hurrah! And just in time to stop me from waffling on about my computer lab woes. (I am ready to just DO the labs and not have to spend all my time fixing ‘puters!)

September 15, 2008

analog in lab

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Set up the potentiometer with an LED and voila– can dim the LED. Onto the love-o-meter.

I started by substituting in a thermistor for the analog input in the lab above but apparently my fingers are not particularly warm and only using a frozen thing seems to really make the numbers move. So the range of input is relatively small– so I made the code a little more dramatic– three above the original data and the light flashes.

September 13, 2008

Observation assignment

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Spent an hour yesterday with Patrick walking from ITP to Union Square and wandering around in the farmer’s market and the park. We ended up observing some really interesting things. We even lucked out and spotted some film students working with some sort of prosumer digital video camera. Will have the audio files to transcribe tomorrow and then there will be more detail here. (more…)

September 9, 2008

combolock (turn that LED off)

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The last lab for week one was to create some sort of combo lock. So I set up a board with two push buttons and an LED. The idea being to write code that captures the clicks and only turns off the LED after a certain number of clicks from each button.

My only struggle was with figuring out how to deal with the loop. The code loops infinitely, so the digital read== high for quite a few loops and adds more than one on a single push button (human fingers keep the push button pressed in which makes for a very high number in the count variable). [timelapse of a couple minutes] And once I read that sentence to myself it became clear that I need some sort of delay to account for those fingers. And voila, the code: (click one button 4 times and the other 3 times and the LED turns off. ) oh… and all that pretty serial writing is there to debug and show me my current count values without which, all would have been lost. (more…)

September 8, 2008

digital in out lab

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Week One Labs

Started with a bit of troubleshooting the arduino software as it never quite worked on this old pc I have at home– finally got the drivers correctly installed and made an LED blink on pin 12.

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