March 4, 2012

Most annoying animation ever… just like the real thing

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after the break, for the sake of sanity–what happens when I visit a real animation studio and see how the pros do it. um. yeah, sorry pros… whatever, annoying looping teeny tiny animations can be fun.

May 13, 2011

The Walk: Thesis Paper

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The Walk (Thesis Paper) PDF

April 19, 2011

The Walk

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The Walk from Aly Wolff-Mills on Vimeo.

April 7, 2011

for the book: The Walk

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An animated story of a walk through a Dickens-esque London street at midnight—where 19th Century literature meets pre-dawn adventure.

The Walk is an animation of a short story I wrote about a walk through a Dickens-esque London street at midnight and is inspired by three distinct sources: 19th century literature, my life as a club kid in London, and a variety of creepy and adorable web comics. The story draws from the style of 19th century novels—particularly Oliver Twist and Hardtimes. The graphic style borrows heavily from 19th century illustrators, Phiz and Sir John Tenniel. More modern inspiration for the piece comes from the drawings of Tim Burton and Edward Gorey, and the web comics Saladfingers and Strindberg and Helium.

The night was as dark as a night could possibly get.

Keep time with me upon my dusty shore.

Alone down a narrow lane.

Animation, After Effects, Short Story

March 3, 2011

the story…

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In all its rewritten glory:

The Walk

The night was as dark as a night could possibly get, the clock having yet to strike the quarter hour to midnight and frighten along the muffled and bonneted celestial wanderer whose trailing mantle blocked out the light which might otherwise have penetrated London’s perpetual gloom. Though winter’s bony grasp had long been shaken loose by the breath of spring flitting down the city’s twisted byways, a figure striding alone down a narrow lane shrugged her shoulders and clenched the collar of her cloak more tightly around her throat. Her quick steps broke the stillness of the night and she darted a look over her shoulder as she walked, being given to flights of fancy she felt she was watched. Her grip tightened on the bottle she held and she quickened her pace despite the protestations of the leviathans of fashion encircling her waist giving no quarter to her breathing.

February 23, 2011

animation test

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Here is a quick test for the style of my project:

(and since the animated gif loops forever, it’s after the break to preserve sanity)

February 2, 2011

Thesis Statement

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I intend to animate a short story I wrote about a walk through a Dickens-esque London street at midnight. I’d like to animate using found and archival footage as well as some hand-drawn resources. The aesthetic will be dark and Victorian but the ending will be a surprising contrast.


February 1, 2011

Time for Thesis

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This is the category on my blog where all the info about my thesis will live…

As the wind howled relentlessly around me yesterday eve, I trudged my way from my office to the subway and was horrified to discover that I had no wondrous tome in which to bury my nose and transport myself away from the despairing depths of public transport. Alas. So, with reckless abandon, I threw myself at the feet of that great goddess of wisdom and knowledge (and little things that blink and beep) and resolved to simultaneously download a book on my phone while battling the Great Elements. Whereupon, I found great success and succor and downloaded no less than TWO within as many paces.

In short, I have started my thesis work by reading A Christmas Carol (2nd time around) and then maybe Oliver Twist (3rd time?) and then maybe that great unfinished bedevilry:  The Mystery of Edwin Drood (2nd reading?). Just to get in the mood, you know.

December 5, 2010

Final Presentation:

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The goal of this project is to develop and nurture a robust online community of NYU alumni by working within the constraints of our content management system (CMS) and leveraging existing social media outlets. I started a new job in May and was tasked with improving alumni relations via our recently launched web site. Since all of the vendor and implementation decisions were made before my arrival, the task is a challenging one. The site runs on a vendor’s proprietary CMS with limitations that prevent the organic growth of online community. Each step of a user’s progression through the site’s usage lifecycle–from awareness through first time, regular, or passionate use–is fraught with challenges. (more…)

final project: ZomShot

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So, for my final project, I did indeed create a zombie photo application for Android (developed natively). A user clicks on the ZomShot icon (pictured on the left) and an instance of the Android camera opens. He/she takes a photo and clicks ok and is taken to the first screen in my app where there are four buttons to choose from: decay, goo, blob, and mud. Selecting one of these options applies a filter to the image which is displayed on the second screen. Here the user can either use the back button to choose a different filter, click the save button to save the zombified image, or click the camera button to take another picture. (more…)

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